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Break through barriers and unlock the potential to live a more fulfilling life.

"Life is a journey of constant transitions. Each new landscape we navigate unlocks an inner treasure, a strength only forged by change. How we weather these transitions determines the richness we find on the other side." - Coach Latoya


Episode 9: From Wife to Widow

Join this conversation to hear Levon Handsome share her emotional journey from wife to widow, as she navigates life after the loss of her husband to skin cancer. Listen in to learn about the challenges she faced, the support systems that helped her, and the ways in which the business, Joe-Le Soap, became both a therapeutic outlet and a tribute to her late husband.

Episode 8: Food Nutrition to Personal Training, Rick Lewis A.I.P. Fitness

Get inspired by Rick Lewis, a New York native who leveraged his food nutrition degree to become a powerhouse in personal training. Discover his secrets to success, how he crafted his unique approach, and his ability to draw clients from around the globe in the fiercely competitive fitness industry.

Episode 7: Real Estate Mogul, Valarie Brooks

Dive into the fascinating journey of a real estate mogul who defied the odds and soared to success! Valarie Brooks is an extraordinary individual who purchased her first home at the young age of 19, a decision that set the stage for an incredible career trajectory. Despite initial hesitations about college, she pursued higher education and later transitioned from a flight attendant to a powerhouse real estate agent, business owner and coach, amassing over $1Billion in sales.

Episode 6: Osadeba Omokaro

Listen in on the conversation with Osa as he takes us through many transitions in life including being the first American born child in his Nigerian family to a vibrant atmosphere of an HBCU campus, and then navigating the challenges of starting a career as a black man in middle America and sharing how he advocates for suicide prevention through the non-profit, Dead the Silence.

Episode 5: Balancing Career & Commerce

Navigating the obstacles of building a career in Healthcare sales and finding time during the pandemic to build a sneaker company, Collection Plate Brand. Find out more at

Episode 3: Zenitra Perry, From W2 to Entrepreneurship

Join this dynamic conversation with Zenitra Perry as we walk through her remarkable journey from Howard University as she blazed a trail from corporate success to entrepreneurial triumph! Zenitra is an inspirational figure who ascended the corporate ladder to the prestigious position of Senior Vice President, demonstrating unparalleled dedication and leadership along the way. But what sets her apart is her audacious decision to leave behind the security of a six-figure job to pursue the path of a serial entrepreneur. Join us as we delve into her story of resilience, ambition, and the courage to pursue her dreams against all odds.