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"Latoya has played a vital role as a mentor in my career as I transitioned from being an undergraduate student into a young professional at a Fortune 100 company."

Clients praise Latoya for her invaluable mentorship, guiding them through career transitions and enhancing both personal and professional development. They attribute their increased productivity and alignment with business strategy to her seasoned coaching, particularly appreciating her dedication to weekend interview preparation sessions.

Latoya’s emphasis on tailored interview techniques, such as the STAR method and understanding interviewers’ preferences, has been instrumental in securing roles and fostering continued success. Her patient and thorough approach to practice ensures clients are well-prepared and confident in interview scenarios.

Overall, Latoya’s guidance is seen as transformative, providing not only immediate career benefits but also laying the foundation for long-term professional success.


“While I was preparing for an interview, Latoya explained the importance of knowing each of my interviewers.  Identifying whether my interviewer were analytical and data driven or more focused on soft skills, like how well I collaborated with others.  Having an idea of what drives my interviewers helped me to tailor my interview responses to each interviewer.  This advice helped me to get the role I was interviewing for.  I continue to use this strategy not just when I interview but when working on projects with new people.” 

P. Murray

New York University, M.A. Candidate


“Senior year of college is one of the most challenging parts of your college experience. The feeling compares to the overwhelming anxiety of receiving your acceptance letter, except this petrifying terror is from the unknown. I constantly remember asking myself, “What’s next?” and the answer was always very varge, or unclear.

My moment of realization came when I was sitting in my Business Marketing class and heard a presentation from Latoya and Norris. After their presentation they left most of my peers filled with curiosity, but for me it answered the burning question I had lingering in my head for months. I will never forget the eye opening advice shared by Latoya Pearson, she said, “As a millennial you must get out of the mindset of what companies can do for you, but go into these interviews with a drive to tell companies what you can do for them, how you can impact their business. Every interview you go into you should be answering with the STAR Method, providing what the situation is, what tactic you used, the action your took, and the result.”

J. Mozeke

Clark Atlanta University


“Latoya has played a vital role as a mentor in my career. Specifically, as I transitioned from being an undergraduate student into a young professional at a Fortune 100 company. As a mentor, Latoya has enhanced my personal and professional development through helping me understand the business environment, identifying ways that I can bring value to my team, and most importantly, helping me identify my leadership capability.

Having the opportunity to be coached by such a seasoned and successful professional also shorten my learning curve, enhanced my productivity in the workplace, and helped me better align with my teams business strategy. Although Latoya has equipped me with a plethora of skill sets, the one I appreciated the most is the time she spent on her weekends to ensure I was prepared for my interview.

Latoya, shared several tools to assist me in my interview preparation which set the stage for my career. These tools included a PowerPoint presentation that outlined the STAR method, interview prep worksheets, and we even practiced over the phone. As a mentee, having Latoya as my mentor means so much to me because I am the first in my family to work for a Fortune 100 Company and her guidance has helped me start a foundation for generations to come. Thanks Latoya for everything, I truly appreciate you!”

D. Golden

Michigan State University

“Practice, Practice and of course more practice! Latoya was so kind and patient with me. She instilled not only the importance of practice but how to properly practice in a way that would guarantee me a successful interview. I’m a well developed interviewee thanks to her.”

D. Smith

Clark Atlanta University