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Latoya Counts

Founder & Transition Coach

Latoya founded The 7 Step Transition company in 2017 after developing coaching techniques and facilitating workshops for more than eight years. The idea surfaced when Latoya noticed a gap in how candidates performed in interviews versus their resume experiences. From there, the concept of 7 Step Transition was born and has developed into a universal method for all transitions.

A native of Gainesville, Florida, Latoya attended Gainesville High School and is a graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU). She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Human Resource Management.

Latoya authored “The 7 Step Transition From Student to Professional”. This Amazon-rated best-seller is a self-help guide for high school and college students seeking to enter the corporate world. She conducts seminars on leadership development and interview skills throughout the country and has consulted for several colleges and organizations.


Serving the Community

A Dedication to Service

Latoya is a benevolent servant with the goal of helping others. She has served as a foster parent and continues to be a resource for the foster children. Latoya has also served with several organizations, including:


“While I was preparing for an interview, Latoya explained the importance of knowing each of my interviewers.  Identifying whether my interviewer were analytical and data driven or more focused on soft skills, like how well I collaborated with others.  Having an idea of what drives my interviewers helped me to tailor my interview responses to each interviewer.  This advice helped me to get the role I was interviewing for.  I continue to use this strategy not just when I interview but when working on projects with new people.” 

P. Murray

New York University, M.A. Candidate