7 Step Transition Scholarship & Financial Aid Workshop

Review Top Sites for Scholarships, Breakdown Financial Aid Process: ​75 mins

Inclusions of Workshop


Learn the basics of applying for federal student aid, understand how to fill out the FAFSA Form and what to expect after submitting, learn about specific scholarships available and how to apply.

Achieved Results


“While I was preparing for an interview, Latoya explained the importance of knowing each of my interviewers.  Identifying whether my interviewer were analytical and data driven or more focused on soft skills, like how well I collaborated with others.  Having an idea of what drives my interviewers helped me to tailor my interview responses to each interviewer.  This advice helped me to get the role I was interviewing for.  I continue to use this strategy not just when I interview but when working on projects with new people.” 

P. Murray

New York University, M.A. Candidate

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